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"Trust the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3: 4-5 (NIV)

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Thank you so much for sharing our Family Fun Fest weekend with us! We had a great time and hope that all of you did as well. Congratulations to those who won our “Choice” trophies at the car show, and to our Sheriffs of the Day – Michael and Beth, Volunteer of the Day – Jessica, and BBQ Cook-off Winner – Mary!

We will see you all next year – August 15 & 16!

Family Fun Fest Poster



Family Fun Fest Poster 2014

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Well, I ended up with three team members! Thanks to Kristin, Anne, and an anonymous grandfather for joining TEAM ROCKY! Stay tuned for more ways to help Jeremiah’s Crossing continue their ministry.

Happy Trails,





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Dear Friends,
Our friend, “Rocky,” is hoping you will take on a new challenge. You see, his goal in life is to make sure that Jeremiah’s Crossing is around for a very long time, so his friends can continue to serve special riders in our community. Here’s what Rocky has to say…

“There are so many of you “Jeremiah’s Crossing Friends!”  I’m wondering…what if each one of you went to my web page, clicked on the PayPal link and donated $10 each month to sponsor me? That would be the coolest!

Your $10 each month would not only make it possible to keep enough hay in the barn to keep me happy, it would also help with other needs. Shoot, if you all sent $10 a month, I’d have a nice new barn and arena to hang out in.

So, how about it? If you are willing to share $10 a month, you could be part of my team! We’ll call it ‘Team Rocky!’ (If you think of a better name, please share it with me.) I’ll even put your name on the team roster on MY webpage, if you’d like.

Now go to the link, pledge your $10 and share this with your friends. $10 a month…why I’d even consider giving up one pound of my favorite grain if it meant one more special rider could have lessons. Just think of it! How cool will you feel to be part of my team!?!



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The 2014 CHARITY CHARGE 5K Mudder is in the books! Thanks to all of the runners and sponsors who helped make this event a success! We’ll see you all next year!


After Winter Comes…Lesson Season!

Equine Therapy

Soon, we’ll begin planning for the summer lesson session. Even though we’re in the midst of the snowiest winter to hit Central Wisconsin in many years, planning continues.  Jeremiah’s Crossing is looking for help from many volunteers. Opportunities are available now. We are in need of a volunteer coordinator, office assistant, and event planners.

We are also accepting applications from volunteers interested in assisting during our summer and fall lesson sessions. The summer lesson schedule is Mon AM, Tues AM, Thurs AM and Wed afternoon/evening. All volunteers will be trained by our instructors using our nationally recognized training program. Terry Blessing will be joining us once again, to share his knowledge of horses and their unique language. Please e-mail or call for more information and/or an application (  or 715.884.2551).

Please consider volunteering in 2014. Jeremiah’s Crossing serves between 60 and 70 participants each summer. Your help means we can serve those in our community challenged by special needs in a very unique way. You will be blessed as you bless others.



The Little Buffalo That Stayed

Equine Therapy

For the past couple of days our family, and the horses and dogs, have been keeping an eye out for a little yearling buffalo. She has decided to stay close to the fence across the street from Jeremiah’s Crossing, even though she has over 200 acres to roam.

The horses discovered her first, standing at attention, ears perked forward, as they kept careful watch. They never know if the little one will come through the fence, you know. So far, they have nothing to worry about.

The dogs and I seem to have noticed her at about the same time. They usually think that barking will solve every challenge, so they greeted her, encouraged her, and then thought they’d send her on her way. Their greetings seem to have fallen on deaf ears as she is still sticking around two days later.

Of course, I grabbed the camera. A yearling buffalo at the fence is too tempting a photo op to ignore. I brought the telephoto lens and started taking pictures as soon as I could get her image to fill the frame. Then, as I took photos, I walked toward her. She didn’t move, although she did bat her beautiful eyelashes at me.

She sure was a great subject for my photos. At one point she did walk away, over to the next post where she made sure the fence post was between us. She played a cute game of “you can’t see me now!” She looked a bit surprised when I appeared on the other side of the post!

The little one was not afraid. I think she may have held her breath now and again. But she didn’t run, or shake, or act like I bothered her. She doubled back on her tracks, made a little loop, and headed down the fence line a little further. The fence seemed to be just a temporary barrier in her mind. I firmly believe she would have walked to Babcock if the fence had not been in her way.

The next morning I drove down the road and saw the little one sleeping under a grove of small oak trees. The herd had joined her; staying about 100 yards away. On my return trip, there she was, circling her little grove of trees. The herd, no where to be seen.

So, Roger called Sandhill Wildlife Area to let them know about our little friend. Wayne assured him that they knew about her, and that she has been a bit stand-offish since she was really little. Even so, someone came out on a snowmobile to check on her. And, yes, she is a “she.”

This morning, the little one is still here at the fence. If she stays much longer we may have to give her a name. We’ve had buffalo (American Bison if you want to be accurate) visit us at the fence before. We have some pretty incredible stories. This one, however, has visited for the longest period of time. She is a reminder of spring, that God’s creatures are beginning to search for the newness that this season will bring, of the fact that friendship can come in many forms. Sometimes you just have to look across the street.

Nap Time @ Jeremiah’s Crossing

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We came home from town today to find almost half of the herd napping in the warmth of the sun. They were really out, too, because they didn’t even stir when we parked the truck and called to them.

Nap time at the Jeremiah's Crossing paddock!

So Many Special Kids

Equine Therapy

You may want a tissue handy when you view this video.  I guarantee that we all hope that our special kids are treated this well in life.


Equine Therapy

THANK YOU, Autism Impact Corporation, for coming on board as supporters of Jeremiah’s Crossing! The Autism Impact Corporation sponsors the Jigsaw Run in Wisconsin Rapids.

We look forward to a long partnership, caring for folks who have challenges in their lives due to autism.

Check out this great story!

Equine Therapy

Mrs. Ann Romney brought therapeutic horseback riding to the national stage this week as she was a guest on Good Morning America. We are grateful to all who are able and willing to move our cause forward. Jeremiah’s Crossing is one of hundreds of centers that provide horseback riding opportunities to those with special needs and we are thrilled to have this type of exposure.

Please continue to walk with us as we work toward our indoor arena and barn complex. Our community members are working together to make this dream, and necessity, a reality!

(We apologize for the advertising that appears prior to the story.)


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